Christina Arampatzi


Christina Arampatzi is a Tango dancer since 1999 and belongs to the first generation of Tango teachers in Athens. She started as a TDj in local milongas more than 12 years ago. She regularly plays as a Dj in different events (Milongas, Festivals, Camps, Marathons) in Greece and abroad and also organizes the “Milonga Querida” in Athens. Her music is mostly based on tandas from the golden age of Tango. She likes mixing the intensity of the rhythmic Tangos with the sweetness of the most melodic Tangos, in order to make the audience enjoy all kinds of sensations on the dance floor. “I like to choose songs that people really want to dance to. Interaction and feeling the energy on the dance floor is a necessity, creating is a challenge! My main aim is to keep everyone happy from the beginning till the end. I feel that the night has successfully ended when I hear comments like “oh! You didn’t leave us sit for a second”!


Saturday 26th September

Afternoon Milonga