Rafail Saltas


Rafael first played music in his own Milonga in Larissa and very soon he got very favorable comments from the Tangolovers for his musical choices. Since then, he has been invited to the most renowned milongas and festivals in Greece and abroad. Being an experienced dancer, he tries to combine " the right tanda to the right time " keeping the dancer always lively and emotionally fulfilled during a milonga. He prefers to play rhythmic and melodic Tangos, mainly from the Golden Age (~90%) but also cheerful and powerful valses and milongas, as well. He never ceases to surprise the audience playing songs from not that usual orquestas. He has been invited to: 3rd Tango Nomads, 6th Aires Tango Festival(Xanthi), 6th Cyprus Tango Meeting, Chios Tango Encuentro, Lesvos Tango Vacations, 5th TangoAires Festival (Xanthi), Intriga Tango Festival (Thessaloniki), Nis Tango Encuentro (Serbia),  Chalkidiki Tango Marathon, Puerto del Tango Festival (Volos), TangoFix (Athens), El Cabeceo (Athens), Baile de Barrio (Athens), Tango Room (Thessaloniki), Tango Studio (Thessaloniki) , Κomotini, Chrisoupoli Chania, Berlin.


Saturday 26th September

Late-night Milonga